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WebCampus Tutorials and Documentation

Please read browse our current list of tutorials, documents and videos for WebCampus. This content is a valuable resource for quick reference, or self-directed learning. If you prefer a more directed learning approach, please sign up for a workshop, or request a one-on-one consultation with an Instructional Designer.

Table of Contents

Introduction to WebCampus

WebCampus is UNR's Learning Management System (LMS) and is powered by Canvas. All academic courses at UNR have shells in WebCampus by default*, and instructors should at the least upload their syllabus into the system for access by students. More extensive uses of WebCampus include uploading learning materials and online quizzes, and maintaining assignment drop-boxes. The following resources are available to help you get started using WebCampus:

Understanding and Building your Course

The basic structure of a course should be kept as simple as possible yet provide the student with the all the materials they need to be succesful. There are a few basic steps to follow to create all the materials and interactions students will need to be succesful in your course.

Teaching with WebCampus

WebCampus is a valuable platform for enhancing the teaching and learning experience. While students love to have WebCampus available as a means to check grades over the weekend or to gain access to assignments from home, instructors benefit from the ability to communicate through announcements and manage grades easily within the system. The following documents provide guidance on tools and functions that assist in the teaching process:

Other Technologies that Integrate with WebCampus

Many other instructional technologies integrate directly into WebCampus. The following links provide guidance and instruction on these important technologies: